About Henke & Associates

Our aim is true.

For decades Henke & Associates has
been building brand relationships for
some of America’s most recognizable
names. Serving a diverse mix of clients
and industries, we’ve been succesfully
helping companies with an array of marketing
techniques. Broadcast, print, radio, interactive
and social media – every medium is considered
when it comes to finding the best ways to
bring our clients closer to their customers.



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Henke & Associates is a team of highly skilled professionals, all of whom have made serving our clientele their number one focus. We ask our team members to stay abreast of all the latest methods and mediums in order to offer our clients the best solutions within the most effective mediums to carry out their objectives and elevate their presence in the marketplace.

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It all starts with Bill Henke. After many years leading and directing the marketing of one of the most recognized brands in the world, Bill started Henke & Associates with Jack Henke. Bill brought a wealth of experience and Jack brought growing creative talents, proving truth to the adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Together with their team of skilled account staff, artists, designers, technicians, suppliers and supporters, Henke & Associates has been shaking the conventions and offering dynamic solutions to local, regional and international clients for decades

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